None of the artworks I scan belong to me. They belong to the artists and the companies they worked for. The goal of this site is to preserve all these souvenirs of the past. All the scans I put online are for you, for your convenience, for free. I spend long time doing this and I chose not to put watermark on the pictures in order to give you best quality. I just leave my name or the name of my site in a free area of the picture.

Each time I take something from another site, I try to contact the author first and I credit him.



Now some people take my scans, cut my name and put them on other sites without asking/crediting me. Here is the shame list of these people :

13.09.2010 Xxxx - Pitfall on Moby Games
13.09.2010 Xxxx - Rocky
13.09.2010 Xxxx - Wargames
14.09.2010 Xxxx - Bump'n Jump on Moby Games
18.09.2010 Xxxx - Buck Rogers on Moby Games
18.09.2010 Xxxx - Space Fury
19.09.2010 Xxxx - Cabbage Patch Kids on Moby Games
19.09.2010 Xxxx - Carnival on Moby Games
19.09.2010 Xxxx - Cosmic Avenger on Moby Games
19.09.2010 Xxxx - Donkey Kong on Moby Games

Mr Xxx Xxxxx, aka Xxxx, is a real "thief champion". Here is his site if you want to congratulate him : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I removed the information about this person as he apologised.

What I did was wrong. I should've asked you to post on Mobygames. Try to understand, I didn't do it for material game or any sort of 'point' system. I did it because like you, I believe this type of stuff needs to be preserved for future generations. I'm not a bad guy. I didn't do it to slight you in any sort of manner. What you do is great. You should be the one contributing to Mobygames. I don't know if they'll remove all of the scans I took from you, but please accept my apology. Also, please remove my information from your website. I know what I did was wrong in hindsight. I just wanted to help keep the ColecoVision and other classic videogame systems alive.

Moby Games have now removed my scans from their site.