Blockade Runner

InterphaseRelease year : 1984
Manufacturer : Interphase
Developer : Stephen Willey
Type : Shoot
# 2-002
16 K ROM


Blockade Runner title screen
Blockade Runner screenshot





Scanned by Kendal Martens.

Viking Raider, Sewer Sam, Blokade Runner, "The Talkies", and Interphase are Trademarks of
and © 1984 Interphase Technologies Inc. Program contents, package, and audiovisual
© 1984 Interphase Technologies Inc. Squish'em © 1983 Sirius Software, Inc.
Made and printed in Canada



You have a commander's eye view of the galaxy in realistic 3-D as you guide your fleet of 4 merchant space freighters to Earth with vital supplies. Hostile aliens have sighted you and forced you into a dangerous asteroid belt.

The skilled commander will avoid the asteroids, destroy Robot mines and alien ships, contend with fuel shortages, and prevent the deflector shields from over-heating.