Frenzy Release : 1984 Coleco
Publisher : Coleco/CBS
Developer : Davis, Nussrallah & Associates
Type : Shoot
Coleco # 2613
CBS # 4L4311
24 K ROM




Front (U)
Ref 2613
Back (U) Cart (U) Manual (U)

Front scanned by NIAD.
Back scanned by Chuckwalla


Front (Fr)
Ref 74-319C
Back (Fr)
Ref 74-319C
Cart (Fr)
Ref 4L4311
Manual (Fr)
Ref 2L2353

Stern®, Frenzy® and Evil Otto® are the trademarks of Stern Electronics, Inc. ©1982
Program and Audiovisual ©1983 Coleco Industries Inc.
Package ©1983 CBS Toys, a Division of CBS Inc.
Made in England by CBS Electronics, Woodley, Berks. Printed in Holland.
ICC 261301
Barcode : 5 010779 74319 5


Label Made By: Phil Boland


Don't be fooled by Evil Otto's smile. It's deceptive. He, the robots and the skeletons are out to get your Commando!

Trapped in a bizarre, alien high-tech structure and surrounded by robots, your Commando moves from cell to cell as you face a band of deadly mechanical monsters. Odd marching skeletons clunk toward you. Robotic tanks trundle into position. Face your enemy and fire, or be doomed by their fatal touch! Eliminate all automatons and proceed to the next assembly.

Stay alert! Your enemies now fire deadly blasts. Some cell walls ricochet the blasts--both yours and your enemy's, so watch where you fire! Worst of all is Evil Otto, the bouncing menace who passes through walls and destroys any creature on contact. It's a bizarre battle for survival as Evil Otto bounces toward you! Will you make it?

Port of Stern’s arcade game released in May 1982.



Frenzy was a sequel to the hit 1980 arcade game Berzerk. Frenzy was a less popular game than Berzerk in the arcades, possibly because it was even more difficult.

Pressing "#" during the game resets the game.