Gust Buster
Release: 1983
Publisher: Sunrise Software
Developer: Ed Salvo - VSS, Inc.
Type: Adventure
Coleco #: 1601
CBS #: 74-311


Sunrise Software
Gust Buster title screen
Gust Buster screenshot



  Cart Manual

Front scanned by NIAD.


Navigate your way through videogame's most colorful amusement park without the use of the joystick. Keep an eye on the windsocks since they indicate the force and direction of the wind gusts that will blow you around the park.
Select your balloons with the keypad. Inflate and deflate the balloons to reach the desired altitude by using each firebutton. But be careful that you don't inflate too much or you will `bust' the balloon and have to land and replace it with one in your pocket. Avoid park hazards such as rides, fireworks, and animals to name a few, while attempting to land in the most crowded areas in the park to sell your balloons. Restock your supply of balloons by landing on the randomly appearing popcorn truck. GUST BUSTER offers a challenge for the entire family.


Universal Game Case
Cartridge Sleeve


This game is notable for being one of the only games of that era not to use the joystick.