Release: 1982
Publisher: Coleco/CBS
Developer: 4D Interactive Systems
Type: Shoot
Coleco #: 2435
CBS #: 4L1954, 4L1955, 4L1956, 4L1957


Zaxxon title screen
Zaxxon screenshot


Front (U) Back (U) Cart (U) Manual (U)

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Zaxxon™ and Sega® are the trademarks of Sega Enterprises, Inc. ©1982
Printed in U.S.A. Packaged in U.S.A.
Package, Program and Audiovisual ©1982 Coleco Industries Inc. Amsterdam, New York 12010


Zaxxon - CBS0

Box (Uk)
Ref 7427-8A
  Cart (U)
Manual (U)

Zaxxon™ and Sega® are the trademarks of Sega Enterprises, Inc. ©1982
Printed in U.K.Packaged in U.K.
Package, Program and Audiovisual ©1982 Coleco Industries, Inc. Amsterdam, New York 12010

This box is truly very exciting! I had only seen the "CBS0" model for Colecovision’s games on advertisement leaflets and brochures, but I thought they were never released to the public. This box is the proof that some CBS0 boxes were produced for Colecovision and released to the market.

Until today, I thought CBS0 boxes only existed for Atari 2600 and Intellivision boxes.

As you can see, it looks like a hybrid box. It is the missing link between US and CBS boxes. The back looks like a US Coleco box with the mention of CBS Electronics while the front is clearly close to CBS1 with an arcade cabinet drawn in the upper right corner. The usual sentence "Just like the arcade game" you find on CBS1 is replaced with "Based on the real arcade game".

Note that "Just like the arcade game" on CBS1 boxes only appears on Colecovision’s game. CBS1 boxes for Atari and Intellivision kept "Based on the real arcade game".

The reference number for this box is the same as the UK CBS1 box. As the box I got was open, I can’t be 100% sure about the inside, but I think it is what was in the box when it was bought. The manual and cartridge are the same as the US version but the cartridge warranty registration is the one you find in a UK CBS1 box.

To my opinion, it is an early design for CBS boxes. Then it was replaced with CBS1. After a while, new games came into CBS2 boxes and finally new sets of production and new games were packaged in CBS3 boxes. CBS4 and CBS5 plastic boxes were used on the Australian and Spanish markets.

If you own other Colecovision CBS0 boxes, please let me know.


Box (Uk)
Ref 7427-8A
  Cart (Uk)
Ref 4L1955
Manual (Uk)
Ref 2L1979

Zaxxon™ is the trademark of Sega Enterprises, Inc. ©1982
Program and Audiovisual ©1983 Coleco Industries Inc.
Package ©1983 CBS Toys, a Division of CBS Inc.
Made in England by Ideal Toy Co. Ltd., Woodley, Berks.
Printed in Holland
Barcode : 5 010779 74278 5

Box (D)
Ref 7427-8D
  Cart (D)
Ref 4L1956
Manual (D)
Ref 2L1980

Alle Rechte, einschließlich Vervielfältigungund des Verleihs, bleiben - auch bei nur
auszugsweiser Verwertung - vorbehalten.
Artikel-Nr. 7427-8D
ZAXXON™ is the trademark of Sega Enterprises, Inc.©1982 Sega Enterprises, Inc.
Package ©1983 CBS Toys, a division of CBS Inc.
Printed in Holland
Barcode : 5 010779 74278 5

Front (Fr)
Ref 7427-8F
Back (Fr)
Ref 7427-8F
Cart (Fr)
Ref 4L1957
Manual (Fr)
Ref 2L1981

Zaxxon® et Sega® sont des marques déposées appartenant à Sega Enterprises, Inc. ©1982
Fabriqué au Royaume Uni
Conception, programme, réalisation du logiciel ©1983 Coleco Industries Inc.,
New York 12010. Licencié exclusif Coleco Industries Inc. ©'983 CBS Toys, a Division of CBS Inc.'
Imprimé en Hollande
Barcode : 5 010779 74278 5


Ref 7427-8R1
Ref 7427-8R1
Ref 4L1954
Ref 2L2084

Zaxxon™ and Sega® are the trademarks of Sega Enterprises, Inc. ©1982
Package ©1983 CBS Inc.,
51 West 52nd Street, N.Y., N.Y. 10019
Program and Audio Visual ©1982 Coleco Industries Inc.
Printed in Holland. Packaged in The U.K.
ICC 243501




Coleco’s Zaxxon – a stunning 3-D space game – takes you across alien asteroid fortresses.

The evil robot Zaxxon and its fierce armies have conquered a once-free asteroid belt. Your mission is to stop them before they enslave the galaxy!
Approach the asteroids, pass the barrier wall and then dive your fighter low over the enemy surface. You must evade enemy fire from turrets, mobots and base missiles as you search for the Robot Warrior. But if you fly too high, a missile homes in on your fighter. At the asteroid’s end, pull up to fly over treacherous force field walls.

Once you successfully cross one asteroid fortress, you must fly through space to another. Avoid the enemy squadron that combs the galaxy in search of your fighter. Return their fire as you search the next asteroid for Zaxxon, the deadly robot warrior. Will you succeed at your ultimate mission and defeat these evil forces?

Port of Sega’s arcade game released in January 1982. At the time of its release, Zaxxon was unique as it was the first game to employ isometric projection, something of a three-quarters viewing perspective. This effect simulated three dimensions.


Front (Fr) Back (Fr)3DCart

Label Made By: Phil Boland.

Box layoutMini-box layout  


A box offered by Airam Cruz Pérez.



At the time of its release, Zaxxon was unique as it was the first game to employ axonometric projection, which lent its name to the game (AXXON from AXONometric projection). The type of axonometric projection is isometric projection: this effect simulated three dimensions from a third-person viewpoint. It was also one of the first video games to display shadows, to indicate the ship's altitude above the surface.

Zaxxon is one of the first games available at the launch of the ColecoVision.

The ColecoVision version, designed by Coleco staffer Lawrence Schick, was the first home version to use the isometric graphics.

Super Zaxxon was to be released for the Super Game Module. But as this module was canceled, the game was ported to the Adam Computer.

Super Game Module Prototype


Zaxxon Super Game for the Adam computer is closer to the arcade version.

Zaxxon-Super Game Pack Adam

Zaxxon-Super Game Pack Adam

Team Pixelboy published a cartridge version of Zaxxon Super Game. As it requires extra RAM, you need Opcode’s SGM to play it on the ColecoVision.

Zaxxon Super Game Team Pixelboy





Zaxxon-Apple II

Apple II

Zaxxon-Atari 2600

Atari 2600

Zaxxon-Atari 5200

Atari 5200

Zaxxon-Atari 8bit

Atari 8bit













Zaxxon-ZX Spectrum

ZX Spectrum