Bien que son existence sur le marché fut très courte, la Colecovision n'est jamais morte et de nombreux programmeurs de talent continuent encore aujourd'hui à développer des jeux sur cette machine.



Titre Editeur
2002421Mathieu Proulx
200xA.E.Homebrew Proto Release
2001Amazing SnakeSerge-Eric Tremblay
2005Astro InvaderScott Huggins / AtariAge
2005AtariMax CV 128-in-1 USB MultiCartAtariMax
2010AtariMax Ultimate SD CartAtariMax
2011Bank PanicTeam Pixelboy
2011Bomb'n Blast (US/NTSC Style)CollectorVision
2011Bomb'n Blast (PAL/CBS Style)CollectorVision
2001Breakout - Paddle VersionNewColeco
2000BUsTin-Out Vol. #01NewColeco
2000BUsTin-Out Vol. #02NewColeco
2000BUsTin-Out Vol. #03NewColeco
2008Canadian Mini-Games CompilationBearded Men
2011Chack'n Pop (US/NTSC Style)CollectorVision
2011Chack'n Pop (PAL/CBS Style)CollectorVision
2011Circus CharlieTeam Pixelboy
2011Cocoleco MultiCartSilicium
199xColeco CreationsJohn Dondzila
200xColecoVision MultiCart 16-in-1Sean Kelly
200xColecoVision MultiCart 32-in-1Sean Kelly
200xColecoVision MultiCart 64-in-1Sean Kelly
200xColecoVision MultiCart All-in-1Sean Kelly
2010Comic Bakery (Prototype)Opcode Games
1997Cosmo Fighter 2Red Bullet Software / AtariAge
2002Cosmo Fighter 3Red Bullet Software / AtariAge
2003CV DrumE. Mancanics / AtariAge
200xCV Drum EXE. Mancanics
200xCV SynthE. Mancanics
2007Cye 1.0 (CGE 2007 Edition)PkK / C.G.E.
2008Cye 1.1PkK
2000DacMan v1.0 NewColeco
2000DacMan v1.3NewColeco
2011Death Race (Demo)CollectorVision
2005Deflektor KollectionNewColeco / AtariAge
2010Destructor S.C.E.Team Pixelboy
2004Diamond DashNewColeco
2001Dig DugC.G.E. Services
200xDig DugAtariAge
2003Double Breakout - Paddle VersionNewColeco
200xEscape from the MindmasterHomebrew Prototype Release
2010Exerion (Prototype)Opcode Games
200xFall GuyHomebrew Prototype Release
2009FiremanHomebrew Prototype Release
200xFrog FeastUnknown
2010Galaga (Prototype)Opcode Games
2002GamePack INewColeco
2004GamePack II (Packaging/Label by NewColeco)NewColeco
2004GamePack II (Packaging/Label by G.D.G.)NewColeco / Good Deal Games
2009Ghosts and ZombiesCollectorVision
2010Girl's GardenTeam Pixelboy
2011Golgo 13Team Pixelboy
2010GulkaveTeam Pixelboy
2010Insane Pickin' Sticks VIIINewColeco
2007Jeepers Creepers (Coffin Style Box)NewColeco
2007Jeepers Creepers (Homebrew Box)NewColeco
2001JoustC.G.E. Services
1996KevtrisKevin Horton Software
2011Konami's Ping-PongTeam Pixelboy
2002Lode RunnerSteve Begin
2002Lord of the Dungeon, The (with Battery)C.G.E. Services
2011Lord of the Dungeon, The (with Battery)CollectorVision
2011Lord of the Dungeon, The (with Battery) Probe 2000 WarRoom Kit ReleaseCollectorVision
200xM.A.S.H.Homebrew Prototype Release
2005Magical TreeOpcode Games
2009Mario Bros.CollectorVision
2010Mario Bros. Rev. ACollectorVision
2010Mario Bros. (32K Prototype)CollectorVision
2006Maze ManiacCharles-Mathieu Boyer
2005Monster MasherPkK
200xMoon PatrolC.G.E. Services
200xMoon PatrolAtariAge
2008Mr. Chin (US/NTSC Style Box & Label)CollectorVision
2008Mr. Chin (CBS/PAL Style Box & Label)CollectorVision
2001Ms. Space FuryNewColeco / Digital Press
2011Ninja PrincessTeam Pixelboy
2011Ozma WarsCollectorVision
2001Pac-ManC.G.E. Services
2008Pac-Man Collection (Yellow Cart)Opcode Games
2008Pac-Man Collection (Black Cart)Opcode Games
2010Peek-A-BooTeam Pixelboy
2003Penguin LandCollectorVision
200xPenguin Land (Hand Drawn Label Artwork)Steve Begin / NewColeco
2010Pitfall II ArcadeTeam Pixelboy
2010Pooyan (US/NTSC Style Box & Label)CollectorVision
2010Pooyan (CBS/PAL Style Box & Label)CollectorVision
200xPorky'sHomebrew Prototype Release
200xPower Lords - Quest for VolcanC.G.E. Services
1996Purple Dinosaur Massacre (Demo)John Dondzila
2008Pyramid Warp & Battleship Clapton IICollectorVision
2004Reversi & Diamond DashNewColeco / AtariAge
2007Road FighterOpcode Games
2006Schlange CV 1.0PkK
2006Search for the Stolen Crown Jewels IPkK
2006Search for the Stolen Crown Jewels IPkK / Good Deal Games
2007Search for the Stolen Crown Jewels IIPkK
2004Sky JaguarOpcode Games
2011Smurf Challenge (Blue/Grey cart & white lbl)CollectorVision
2011Smurf Challenge (Grey/Blue cart & blue lbl)CollectorVision
2004Space CavernsScott Huggins
2005Space HunterGuy Foster
2003Space Invaders CollectionOpcode Games
1998Space InvasionJohn Dondzila
2008SpectarScott Huggins / AtariAge
2007Squares!Harvey deKleine
2008Squares!Harvey deKleine / AtariAge
2011Star ForceTeam Pixelboy
1997Star FortressJohn Dondzila
200xSteamRollerIntellivision Productions
....Super Donkey KongHomebrew Prototype Release
....Super Donkey Kong JuniorHomebrew Prototype Release
2007Terra AttackScott Huggins / AtariAge
2010Track & Field with T&F ControllerTeam Pixelboy
2010Track & Field without T&F ControllerTeam Pixelboy
2011Track & Field 2 (Prototype)Opcode Games
....Video HustlerHomebrew Prototype Release
2010Void, The - Centauri
2005Yie Ar Kung-FuOpcode Games
....Yolks on You, TheHomebrew Prototype Release
2009YouTube: Smooth CriminalNewColeco
2009Zippy Race (US/NTSC Style Box)CollectorVision
2009Zippy Race (CBS/PAL Style Box)CollectorVision

Source : NIAD's ColecoVision & ADAM Cartridge Collector's Rarity List

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