Nova Blast
Release: 1983
Publisher: Imagic
Developer: Clinton Ballard
Type: Shoot


Nova Blast title screen
Nova Blast screenshot


"Emergency! Nova 1 to Ground Control! I'm the last of the fleet! They've all gone down!"
"We read you, Nova 1. Are the Capsulated Cities still Intact?"
"Affirmative. But air enemies and Water Walkers are moving in."
"Status of Nova 1. Any damage?"
"I can take about six more hits, Ground Control."
"Proceed on course, Nova 1. Save our Capsulated Cities at all costs! You're our last hope. Over."
"I read you loud and clear, Ground Control. Over and out."

Protect the four Capsuled Cities from waves of Flying Fighters and Water Walkers. Avoid collisions with, as well as shots from, enemy ships.

Nova Blast-C64


Nova Blast-Intellivision