Space Panic
Release: 1982
Publisher: Coleco/CBS
Developer: Universal
Type: Ladder
Coleco #: 2447
CBS #: 4L1736, 4L1951, 4L1952, 4L1953


Space Panic title screen
Space Panic screenshot




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Front scanned by NIAD.
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Box (UK)
Ref 74-329A
  Cart (UK)
Ref 4L1951

SPACE PANIC™ is the trademark of Universal Co. Ltd.
© 1980 Universal Co. Ltd.
Program and Audiovisual © 1983 Coleco Industries Inc.
Package © 1983 CBS Toys, a Division of CBS Inc.
Made in England by Ideal Toy Co. Ltd.
Woodley, Berks. Printed in Holland.
Barcode: 5 010779 74329 4

Front (Fr)
Ref 74-329F
Back (Fr)
Ref 74-329F
Cart (Fr)
Ref 4L1953
Manual (Fr)
Ref 2L2125

Space Panic™ est une marque déposée appartenant à Universal Co. Ltd ©1980
Fabriqué au Royaume-Uni.
Conception, programme, réalisation du logiciel ©1983
Coleco Industries Inc., New York 12010. Licencié exclusif Coleco
Industries Inc. ©'1983, CBS Toys, a Division of CBS Inc.'
Imprimé en Hollande
Barcode : 5 010779 74329 4

Box (D)
Ref 7432-9D
  Cart (D)
Ref 4L1952
Manual (D)
Ref 2L2124

Space Panic™ ist das Warenzeichen von Universal Co. Ltd. ©1980
Package ©1983 CBS Toys, a division of CBS Inc.
Printed in Holland.
Barcode : 5 010779 74329 4


Ref 7432-9R1
Ref 7432-9R1
Ref 4L1736
Ref 2L2177

Space Panic™ is the trademark of Universal Co., Ltd. ©1980
Package © 1983 CBS Inc.,
51 West 52nd Street, N.Y., N.Y. 10019
Program and Audio Visual ©1982 Coleco Industries, Inc.
Printed in Holland. Packaged in The U.K.
SCC 244701


Coleco’s challenging SPACE PANIC pits your Spaceman against cunning Space Monsters who are out to get him. Make your Spaceman dig holes in girder floors to trap the monsters. Then quickly fill them over and make the monsters fall through to their doom. But be careful! Some monsters must fall more than one floor to meet their fate. Race your Spaceman along girders and up and down ladders to avoid them. Can you eliminate all the Space Monsters before your oxygen runs out?

Port of Universal’s arcade game released in November 1980.

Space Panic


Label Made By: Phil Boland


CBS catalogue 1984


Chris Crawford calls Space Panic the first ever platform game as it pre-dates Nintendo's Donkey Kong which is often cited as the original platform game. Space Panic lacks Donkey Kong's jump mechanic.

Space Panic is one of the early games available for the ColecoVision.

Space Panic-Arcade


Space Panic-Casio PV-1000

Casio PV-1000